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Walk-In Shower Ideas

Walk-In Shower Ideas

Bathroom with walk in shower

Walk-in showers are increasing in popularity in home interior design and renovations. They are convenient, accessible, and can create a stunning focal point in the bathroom. In addition, walk-in showers are enjoyable to use and can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

If you’re looking for inspiration and beautiful walk-in shower designs, we’ve put together some ideas for you. These walk-in shower designs will add function and value to your bathroom renovations in Regina.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Many homeowners are choosing to convert their existing bathtub and shower combination into a walk-in shower. Getting rid of the bathtub all together can help open up the space and provide more room to create the walk-in shower of your dreams. It can also increase accessibility.

Converting your tub into a shower is a good idea if you rarely take baths, are renovating to age in place, or require accessibility. However, if you’re planning to sell your home in the future, make sure your home has at least one bathroom with a bathtub in it. Keeping at least one tub will ensure your house remains a market contender. Otherwise, it could leave out buyers who have kids or enjoy taking baths.  

Walk-in Shower and Bathtub Combination

If you have the space, consider a walk-in shower in addition to a stand-alone bathtub. Use floor-to-ceiling glass walls in the shower to show off the wall tile and any features you might include. This way, you get to keep the bathtub for those long relaxing soaks and can still have the convenience of a walk-in shower.

Spa-style Walk-In Shower

For bathroom renovations, Abbotsford homeowners will benefit from creating a spa-like walk in their master bathroom. To do so, use multiple showerheads, including a rainfall showerhead in the middle of the ceiling combined with several wall-mounted showerheads. You can add steam fixtures so the shower can double as a steam room. A built-in shower seat will provide a space for pampering and storing your spa products.

Use Natural Stone in the Walk-In Shower

While subway tile or ceramic tile will look great in your walk-in shower design, natural stone can bring it to the next level. For example, you can have a slate for both wall and floor tiles in the shower. Or, use a neutral stone tile for the walls and pebble stone tiles to give a natural look on the shower floor. Natural stone is elegant and can fit into most bathroom renovation design schemes. It will also add elegance and value to your bathroom renovation.

Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower Designs

A small bathroom with a standard layout will benefit from a walk-in shower. The glass doors will open up the space and help it look larger. Use white tiles on the wall and consider a small strip of another colour to give it a crisp and relaxed look. Converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower is an excellent idea for small bathroom renovations. Langley clients can ask their contractor to include a small shelf in the shower to store their soaps and shampoo. Then your small bathroom walk-in shower is complete!

Large Bathroom Walk-In Shower Designs

If you’ve got the space, use it! Consider a large two-person walk-in shower for your bathroom renovation. First, install a rainfall showerhead mounted in the centre of the ceiling. Then one or more wall-mounted showerheads so two people can shower at the same time. For extra storage, install a shower bench with shelving underneath. Then you’ll have somewhere to tuck away your soap, shampoos, and other body care products.

Walk-In Shower Lighting

Lighting is essential in all bathroom renovations. First, the room should have ambient lighting with a ceiling fixture or recessed lights. Then task lighting around the vanity. However, do not neglect the lighting in your shower.  If your bathroom is on the top floor, consider installing a skylight or solar tube lighting. These options will allow you to shower in the sunshine! Otherwise, consider a frosted glass window in the shower if it is on the outside wall.

If natural light isn’t possible, Bathroom Brothers can install waterproof light fixtures in your shower. You can also install a heat light in the bathroom to make getting in and out of the shower more comfortable on a winter’s day. Discuss your lighting options with Bathroom Brothers when you start your bathroom renovations in Saskatoon.

Details to Consider with Walk-In Shower Designs

If you’re installing a new walk-in shower, there are some details to consider. For example, you’ll want to make sure the shower has convenient recessed niches to store the things you’ll use in there. You might prefer a handheld showerhead that can detach instead of one fixed to the wall – or both. For those who shave in the shower, consider installing a small mirror. Then, make sure there are hooks or shelves for towels within reach.

Walk-in Shower Designs for Accessibility

 Many walk-in showers will have a small step between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The purpose of this step is to keep the water from running out onto the floor. However, those with mobility issues might need to remove this step. Getting rid of that curb is possible with some smart walk-in shower designs.

Some walk-in showers can have a glass panel that doesn’t reach completely from one wall to the other. Instead, it leaves an opening, like a door, at one end of the shower. The drain is placed near the other end or somewhere with a slight downward slope. This walk-in shower design allows you to get in and out without having to worry about a step. You can do a similar design with a half-wall walk-in shower design.

You can also renovate the bathroom to be a one-floor wet room with a tile floor. The floor extends into the shower beneath the glass door. Most of the water will go down the drain, but if some seeps a little outside the door, it’s not a big deal. This design also eliminates the need for that little step.

Accessories can make a big difference for accessible walk-in shower designs. For example, you might want to include a shower seat and consider that a handheld showerhead is better for someone who showers while seated. If required, install grab bars and recessed niches in locations that will best suit you. 

Bathroom Brothers can help you with when doing bathroom renovations in Calgary.

If you have any questions about installing a walk-in shower in your home, reach out to Bathroom Brothers in your city!


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