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Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas to Get the Most of a Little Space

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas to Get the Most of a Little Space

tiny bathroom storage

Want to see how to add extra storage and organizational compartments to a small bathroom? Keep reading for the best tiny bathroom storage ideas.

Turn Baskets Into Shelves

Find baskets and use them as shelving storage. The baskets will hold your towels, toiletries, or anything else you don’t mind being visible. You could also use small jars in these baskets to add cotton swabs, makeup sponges, or cotton balls, or you could even add decorative accessories in the extra space.

Add Drawers Under the Sink

Add some stackable drawers under your sink. You can add labels to each of the drawers to help you stay more organized.

Use the Back of Your Door

Add some hooks or even additional towel racks to the back of your door. Hang your towels from this area that is often wasted space.

Hang a Shower Organizer

Shoe organizers are great in the shower to help you store your products. Make sure you find with mesh pockets so it can drain. Just hang it over the shower rod or faucet and you have instant pockets for more storage space.

Add Hooks and Shelves on Inside of Cabinet Doors

Use adhesive hooks inside your cabinet doors to help hang your hair tools. You can also add shelves or shower organizers on the inside of the door to double your storage.

Store Toilet Paper on Your Toilet

Instead of putting the toilet paper on the floor or shoving it into a closet, add a decorative basket on the back of your toilet. Stack your rolls of toilet paper in this basket to clear up some space.

Install Magnetic Strips 

You can find your nail clippers, tweezers, and bobby pins easily when you attach them to a magnetic strip. Install this strip on the inside of a drawer or cabinet, and you won’t have to dig to find these tools.

Get a Bathroom Cart

Bar carts work great in the bathroom. This is a great place to store your hair styling products, towels, and lotions. When you need more space, roll the cart into the closet for additional storage.

Add Some Built-Ins

If you are considering a renovation, add some built-in storage. You can add some built-in shelves behind the toilet, beside the sink, or by your bathtub. Use shelves or tiered storage to organize your items on these built-in shelves.

Use a Tension Rod Under the Sink

Add a tension rod to hang cleaning spray bottles. This will give you more room at the bottom of the cabinet.

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas Final Thoughts

There are ways to get creative with your tiny bathroom storage ideas. Baskets add storage whether you add them on the back of your toilet, on the wall, or on your storage cart. 

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