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Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bathroom Renovation Cost


Bathroom renovations will add function and value to your home. Next to kitchen renovations, they are the most popular home upgrade and have a good return on investment. Your bathroom renovation will add function to your home and improve your lifestyle. It will also add value to your property and make your home more attractive to future buyers should you decide to sell.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The cost of bathroom renovations in Regina and throughout Canada, can vary, depending on several key factors. The size of your bathroom, the scope of the remodel, and the materials you choose. If you are adding a bathroom or changing the layout of your bathroom fixtures, there will be an additional cost. The higher price will cover the labour of a plumber roughing in or retrofitting the plumbing to accommodate the new bathroom.

We have broken down the cost of renovating a bathroom falls into three categories: minor, mid-range, and high-end bathroom renovations. Keep in mind that these bathroom renovation costs are rough estimates and that you should always contact a trustworthy renovation company for an accurate quote on your specific project.

  • A low-end, minor bathroom renovation can cost about $5,000.
  • The cost of a high-end bathroom remodel can cost $25,000 or more.
  • The average bathroom renovation costs about $15,000.

For the most accurate bathroom renovation cost estimate, connect with Bathroom Brothers. We can come to see the space, learn about your goals and budget, and provide a transparent quote. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of renovating the bathroom and what can make the price go up or down.

Minor bathroom renovation cost

If you have a smaller budget, you might be wondering what kind of bathroom renovation you can get for $5,000. Bathroom Brothers understands that not everyone will have the top end budget, so we can provide quality bathroom upgrades to suit a range of budgets.

After viewing your bathroom and learning about your goals, we can provide a cost-effective bathroom renovation design. For a minor bathroom renovation, we keep the existing layout the same. Upgrades can include new tile around the bathtub and shower, a new countertop, refinishing the existing vanity, and new vinyl plank or tile flooring. You can also purchase new faucets, including the sink, bathtub, and shower. Upgrading the hardware around the room is also a quick and affordable way to modernize a bathroom and complete the look.

Mid-range bathroom renovation cost

Mid-range bathroom renovations in Saskatoon, and other cities in Western Canada, typically replace most critical components of the bathroom. For example, a bathtub to shower conversion with new tile in the shower and bathroom floor would fit into the $15,000 price range. It might also include a new vanity and countertop, which are higher ticket items. While the layout typically remains the same, expect to receive new fixtures and faucets, including the toilet, shower, bathtub, and sink.

Changing out wall and flooring tile will make an incredible difference. That alone can completely modernize the space and give it an entirely new feeling. Choose energy-efficient fixtures like a low-flow toilet and aerated faucets and showerheads to save water and money over the long term. Green fixtures have come down in price over the years, and you won’t have to sacrifice good water pressure for them either. 

High-end bathroom renovation cost

With high-end bathroom renovations, the highest cost will be changing the layout of the space and higher-end materials used in the renovation. As a result, the price range for an upscale bathroom remodel is expansive. You can start at about $25,000, but double or even triple that, depending on the project’s scope.

With that larger budget, you can change every aspect of the bathroom and completely transform the space. For example, you can change the layout to make it more accessible for an ageing-in-place bathroom renovation. Sometimes homeowners choose to move fixtures around to make space for custom cabinetry and other storage solutions. You can also add luxury features like a tiled walk-in shower, a high-end soaker tub, or both.

High-end bathroom renovations can also include special features in the shower enclosure, like jets, lights, and even a stereo system. Instead of one sink, you can opt for two set in a stone countertop on a large custom vanity with plenty of storage. For master ensuites, bathroom remodels often include a separate room for the toilet, so the rest of the room can still be used while providing privacy. Finally, add comfort with in-floor heating and natural light with a skylight.

Because the sky is the limit with high-end bathroom remodels, the best place to get an accurate estimate is by contact Bathroom Brothers for a quote.

The value of a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations in Calgary, Regina, and Saskatoon are a good investment and will increase your home’s resale value. After the kitchen, an upgraded bathroom, or multiple bathrooms, is the most important to buyers. They are attracted to functional, modern, attractive, and energy-efficient bathrooms. If your bathrooms are updated, it increases the chance of a quick sale at the price you wanted.

Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs. value report for 2021 shows that mid-range bathroom renovations can recoup 60% of its cost. So, if you’re spending $15,000 for a middle-of-the-road bathroom remodel, you can expect to add about $9,000 to the value of your home.

The report shows that an upscale bathroom remodel will have a lower return on investment of 55%. This lower recovery percentage is because of the cost of high-end materials and complete layout changes. However, these investments can add tremendous value to your lifestyle and are well worth the price of remodelling your long-term home. And, should you decide to sell, your stunning upscale bathroom renovation will help set your home above the rest.

Savvy renovators interested in selling their homes can see a higher return on investment with a few bathroom renovation tips. For example, if your cabinets in the bathroom are in good shape, save money on a vanity replacement by having them professionally refinished instead. In addition, upgrade the hardware, swap out your old tub surround for ceramic tile, and install budget-friendly luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Things to consider for your bathroom remodel

If you’re researching how much does a bathroom renovation cost, you should consider your specific bathroom. Is it a half bath or powder room? Are you adding a new bathroom in the basement or just doing a few cosmetic upgrades to an existing bathroom? Are you remodelling a luxurious master bathroom, or do you want a more accessible bathroom for ageing in place?

All of these factors will determine the cost of renovating. Bathroom Brothers will work with you to create a design plan for your specific bathroom and budget. With years of experience renovating bathrooms, we can make suggestions to help your dream bathroom remodel become a reality.


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