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10 Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

10 Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

modern bathroom

After the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s where you get ready for the day and night and maybe enjoy a personal spa day to relax. When you design a bathroom, it should balance comfort and style with function and efficiency. Starting with a theme is a great way to narrow down all those different options for fixtures and additions.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation or need the right ideas to make that change, look no further. Bathroom Brothers offer bathroom renovations in Regina and Calgary. They have ten ideas for modern bathroom design that will give you all the inspiration you need.

1. Open concept

Open layouts and space aren’t just limited to the kitchen and living room areas. If you have the space, an open concept in the bathroom is always a great way to maximize space and visual appeal. Since most bathrooms don’t have walls separating the room, incorporate glass and minimal décor to create that open feeling.

Glass enclosure showers are not only popular, but they let sight flow through the room and keep the room open. Keeping the floor space open and spacious is another key element. Design the shower, toilet, counters, and possible bathtub with enough room to move and walk around. An open concept bathroom isn’t always an option if you’re tight on space, but a great idea for bathroom additions or new construction homes. 

2. Spa retreat

There’s nothing like a relaxing spa getaway and especially so when it’s from the comfort of your own home. Modern décor focuses on minimal decorations, geometric shapes, and a monochrome colour scheme. When paired in a spa-themed bathroom, it maximizes that relaxing and mental calm by creating a visually quiet room.

A sleek soaker tub is a must-have addition in this case and is usually a focal part of modern bathroom design. A glass-enclosed shower is another excellent choice since the design blends into the rest of the room. For the vanity space, an oval mirror adds that modern geometric touch, and a floating sink adds to the elevated spa feel.

3. Simple yet modern

It’s easy to think of modern as lots of high-end materials, many features, and lots of neutral colours. The truth is it doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes, modern bathroom ideas blends simple elements for the perfect balance.

To start, keep a few of the favoured modern elements like marble countertops or gold-accented fixtures. From there, choose a visually attractive marble or granite, like one with black or gold swirls in the stone. For the gold fixtures, keep it minimal with just the sink and showerhead. Then, use similar coloured towels or rugs to help draw that colour around the room in a subtle way. Modern and simple also doesn’t mean barren, so feel free to add plants or pictures to hang around the room. Even a touch of stone backsplash can break up the sleek modernity.

4. Ultra-modern

You can consider an ultra-modern bathroom if you want to include all the bells and whistles. In that case, a minimal approach is a way to go. Use spacious mirrors to create the illusion of more room and space and focus on glass accents. For colours, stick with gold or chrome and either install light natural stone or quartz countertops or sleek dark ones. Any other colours in the room, including the floor, should be left a crisp white.

Tile flooring is a great modern addition or luxury vinyl plank or tile for a water-safe flooring choice. Installing windows, if you can, is another element of ultra-modernity that will tie the room together. That natural flood of sunlight in the day will reflect off the bright décor and further improve that sleek feeling. Plus, a little natural ventilation is always a welcome addition.

5. The appeal of natural stone

Natural stone like marble, granite, and quartz are common materials in modern bathrooms. With the proper planning and design, natural stone wall tiles, flooring, and countertops can turn your bathroom into an absolute statement.

Choosing a suitable complementary colour scheme is essential. With natural stone like granite and marble, you can choose a slab with more dramatic veining and choose accent finishings to match. Or stick with all-white quartz and add wood accents with floating shelves and decor.

Install windows as the natural lighting will help add some brightness to the modern bathroom. Otherwise, recessed lights help keep the space from being dark and closed off, as long as their paired with good task lighting at the vanity mirror.   

6. Pure white

White, gleaming, and clean are very popular in bathroom renovations. With the right accents and features, it can work in other rooms, but a bathroom is the one space where all-white works on its own.

The trick here is to use various shades of “white,” including off-white, eggshell, or white with coloured undertones. Using interesting shapes like oval mirrors, floating sinks, or rectangle tubs helps break up the visual space. Lastly, different textures are another key element. Textures could include tile flooring, crown moulding on the walls, or shower wall tile. Once all combined, all-white bathrooms aren’t just a blank space but a blend of interesting shapes, styles, and tones.

7. Old meets new

Traditional elements and blending old with new designs have been popular for many years and are still going strong. Old themes or styles especially pair well with the sleek, clean look of a modern space.

For a bold vintage touch, use floral wallpaper on one of the bathroom walls to create a feature wall. The colours add a pop of brightness, and the pattern adds a touch of old that effortlessly complements the white scheme and marble materials. Wood accents are another appealing way to bring in more natural traditional elements. Either flooring that imitates wood or reclaimed wood cabinets and vanities will make attractive accents.

8. Pops of colour

Just because modern bathroom design focuses on a neutral colour scheme doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with colourful accents. Little pops of colour here and there, and in any colour, will always complement a modern bathroom. Pastels like yellows or pinks add a natural softness and brightness to the space. Bolder colours like reds or orange can add a livelier feeling. Other modern bathroom ideas include warm browns and natural greens to create that down to earth nature feeling in the bathroom. It’ll work great for a spa-designed space or to encourage some mental calmness during your bathroom time.

9. Floating toilet

Don’t just focus on the toilet as a plumbing-based decision or pick based on low-flow benefits. While important, the way the toilet looks is a critical element of modern bathrooms. Like floating vanities and sinks, floating toilets add a new depth of visual interest and interior design. It also helps add the illusion of more floor space which is ideal in smaller bathrooms.

Floating toilets come in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily customize the look to your wants and needs. Suppose your modern bathroom focuses on the geometric angle. In that case, an elevated elongated toilet paired with a floating vanity is the perfect way to go.

10. Colour and texture with materials

Modern bathrooms focus less on using paint to add colour and more on the materials and plumbing to add those touches of colour. In other designs like the all-white or general pops of colour, this idea is a key element.

In modern bathroom ideas, in general, give the materials used extra attention. Tiles or natural stones tend to come with unique patterns depending on the cut of the tiles and stone or their layout. As used in a traditional blend, wood accents help bring warm earthen colours and unique wood grain textures. Using materials like these helps prevent a modern bathroom from feeling stale and cold. It brings interesting visual and physical elements to the space that break up the flow.

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