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10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Regina bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations are a popular renovation among homeowners. Regina bathroom renovations have a good return on investment, add value to your home, and improve function and lifestyle.

The possibilities are endless when renovating your home’s bathrooms. From a classic modern look to material-centered themes, here are ten bathroom renovation ideas that will transform your current bathroom into a more functional and attractive space. 

A Modern Remodel

A modern-styled bathroom has become increasingly popular among homeowners, and for good reasons. With white typically being the base colour, there won’t be an issue matching the room to the rest of the home. Modern bathrooms emphasize clean lines, using simple tile and flooring, stainless steel fixtures, and minimal decor. Common materials used are marble, subway tile, or porcelain. If you’re looking for a simple, clean, classic bathroom renovation ideas, a modern look may be the style for you.

The Contemporary Look

The contemporary style takes inspiration from that of the modern style and enhances it to a new level. Bathrooms remodeled with a more contemporary look offer creative freedom. It may still include lots of white and clean lines but can also have more colour in paint and materials.

Homeowners may add some coloured tile to the shower, pops of colour to walls, or any decor to make the space unique to their tastes. The contemporary style is one of many bathroom ideas that allows homeowners to express their creativity while still maintaining a clean look that remains on-trend.

How to Create a Makeup Room at Home


A focal-point can help tie a space together and captivate those present in the room. Using a bolder material, a material less common or displayed differently, can change the look and feel of your bathroom. Renovating around that focal material is another idea for Regina bathroom renovations. 

There are endless ways to go about this. One way is to use larger or more abstract stone for countertops or shower tile, something unique that will stand out. For example, using larger, natural stone in a shower combined with a waterfall showerhead creates a more exotic feel. Another way to highlight a material could be with floor patterns. Something homeowners may embark on is incorporating more than one flooring textile, such as the various combinations of tile, laminate, or vinyl. Have a material you like? Show it off!

A Rustic Retreat

If you’re looking for a cozy bathroom space, a rustic look can accomplish just that. While one may associate a rustic look with lots of wood, it doesn’t have to be limited to solely wooden materials. Though commonly using wooden accents, such as a shower bench, shelving, flooring, or other decor, other materials can achieve this feeling.

Luxury vinyl, a flooring textile that can be disguised as hardwood or tile, provides a warm feel but at a lower cost than real hardwood or tile. Smaller details also make a big difference in Regina bathroom renovations. Smaller components could include brass fixtures, a barn door for the entry or closets, and warm lighting.

Vintage Bathroom Renovation

An out-of-date piece doesn’t always mean it is out-of-style. Vintage pieces come in many different forms and can act as a centerpiece in the bathroom. Old fashioned items can be things like a vintage stand-alone bathtub, an ornate mirror frame, cabinets, light fixtures, and much more.

One perk of going with the vintage style is that searching for those unique vintage pieces can be a lot of fun. Who knows what you’ll find? Another way to give your bathroom a more vintage feel is with the use of wallpaper, accenting a wall, or several walls, with a touch of the past.

Get Creative with Colour

Adding a pop of colour to your bathroom renovation can add character. Whether it be a feature wall or using one colour throughout the bathroom, there are many possibilities to explore.

One method of utilizing colour is choosing a colour, then using different shades of the same colour throughout the bathroom. This technique will add depth to the space, while still maintaining coordination throughout the bathroom. Another way to incorporate colour is using a clean slate, similarly to the modern style, and adding pops of colour throughout with decor or an accent tile.

An Industrial Flair

Industrial details added to Regina bathroom renovations can do a few different things. Taking things like brass fixtures, exposed brick or pipes, or neutral paint can add an industrial flair to any bathroom. Not only will this add a layer of sophistication to the space, but it can add a modern touch to any of the previously mentioned bathroom renovation ideas.

Another method to emphasize the industrial style is using concrete for countertops. The simple grey colour will tie in with any aspect of your bathroom while still standing out on its own.

The Ultimate Spa Treatment

Bring the spa home with a relaxing, simple bathroom design. Begin with mild colour schemes, including light browns, whites, blues, greens, or any calming colours to create a serene environment.

Minimalism can also be key when it comes to creating a spa-like bathroom. Clutter can be stressful. Making use of storage to keep belongings out-of-sight and out-of-mind will keep your bathroom space relaxing. Other design choices could be a free-standing tub, glass showers, simple tile, simple lighting, plants, and, if the budget allows, heated flooring. Creating a spa retreat or space for relaxing are popular bathroom ideas.

Patterns Galore

If you’re feeling daring or looking for your bathroom to stand out from the rest, using patterns can achieve that. Patterns come in many forms. For example, a simple way to incorporate pattern is with tile. A rising trend is a honeycomb-shaped tile, something many homeowners are using as a floor pattern. It doesn’t have to be limited to the honeycomb print either. Different shapes for the floor or shower tile add character to your bathroom renovation.

Another way to incorporate pattern is with wallpaper. Wallpaper doesn’t have to appear old-fashioned as one might think. Wallpaper comes in an endless selection of designs and patterns and can change the feel of your bathroom. Something simple can help the room appear more modern, while something busier adds character.

Mix and Match Design Styles

Any of the above bathroom designs can be mixed and matched with one another. For example, using the modern style as a foundation, and adding features of another style can create an individualized space. Modern with industrial, rustic meets vintage, a contemporary spa, and many other combinations can inspire your bathroom renovation. Look here for bathroom renovation costs in Canada. Enlist the professional advice of a bathroom designer for more bathroom ideas, and let your creativity run free!

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10 bathroom renovation ideas

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